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We don't always get it right, but we like to think that by slowing it down, 
putting people first and doing honest work, we nail it on most days! 

Marcus G. 

"Kari Ramos is a great lawyer. She helped me through my work accident and was there every step of the way. She kept me updated throughout the long process and answered any questions I had. She definitely knows what she's doing. She fought very hard to get me the most amount of money from the insurance company. I would recommend her first without a doubt if you have had an accident. I feel like I made a friend in the process. You rock, Kari!
5/5 stars."

David B.

"I can't say enough good about Kari Ramos! Several lawyers worked my car accident case but they seemed disinterested and it was not progressing as I thought it should. Then came Kari Ramos. She took over my case and I could tell that she was really listening to me. She connected me with multiple doctors to diagnose my concerns, she helped me with my problems obtaining my prescriptions, she even encouraged me when my physical and cognitive problems were getting me down. Kari made sure that nothing fell through the cracks, and in the end my case was settled at the policy limits of the other driver, as well as the limits of my under insured policy! I have been told that almost never happens in cases like mine, yet because of Kari Ramos, it did! I highly recommend Kari Ramos to anyone who needs legal help. She is not just a lawyer, she's more like an angel who happens to practice law."

Priscilla E.

"I was so pleased with Kari Ramos, she was so professional and personal, she kept me updated on her process and was on top of things that needed to be done. I highly recommend Ms Ramos to everyone."

Harriet E.

"Kari - I would like to say that you were caring and responsive to me. All calls and correspondence were answered promptly and to my satisfaction. My settlement was also greater than expected. Thank you for all of your help."

Justina S.

"My husband and I were rear-ended in December of 2020. Three days later, the pain and frustration set in. I tried my best to get us both care, but aside from the ER, nobody would touch us as it was accident-related injuries. Being at my wits-end and both of us in terrible pain, I took a chance and reached out to Kari Ramos. I had never consulted with an attorney before, so I was very hesitant. But, from the moment I first spoke with her, I felt we finally found someone to go to bat for us! Her communication is superb, and everything was explained to us from start to finish. We never felt confused or in the dark. Her kindness, down-to-earth personality, work ethic, and morals are what set her apart. She's caring and compassionate, yet a BEAST when it comes to getting you the right care in a timely fashion, dealing with the overwhelming insurance companies, and getting you what you deserve to the best of her ability. Kari made the entire process, that seemed so daunting to both me and my husband, into such a positive experience. I recommend her skills and knowledge in personal injury to anyone and everyone! We were able to both get settlements that helped us tremendously in the coming years. She took care of everything, and we were always kept in the loop. Kari Ramos is the lawyer that all lawyers should strive to be! She took such great care of us, and we're both so grateful and thankful we found her. If you feel helpless, reach out! She's got your back 110%"

Tommy A.

"I'm going to tell you why you should have Kari Ramos as your lawyer. I had a slip and fall at a well known restaurant about 4 years ago. I never knew going inside to eat would change my life forever. I suffered severe brain trauma from insane headaches to memory loss stuttering anger issues and numerous little things you take for granted in everyday life. I needed to find someone to help me with filing a lawsuit against them so that's what I did. I have never been through anything like thus in my life so I trusted the company I hired. That turned out to be a huge mistake. They never had my best interest in mind and constantly argued with me like I had done something wrong. There was no caring for what I was dealing with whatsoever so after a year and half we parted ways with no resolve to my lawsuit. Now I had no idea what I was going to do so I started calling every lawyer in the book with no avail. Nobody wanted to touch my case so I pretty much gave up. This is until God sent me an Angel and that Angels name is Kari Ramos. She decided to take a chance on me and my family. She didn't have to and everyone told her she was crazy but she seen something in me and took my case. I found right away what kind of woman Kari is. She's not just a lawyer who's in it for the money,she is a woman who truly cares about her client like you are part of her family. I shouldn't have used the word client because I never once felt like one. Kari embraced my case and me and knocked down every door until she got results. She fought tooth and nail with the opposing counsel until we were satisfied with the outcome. I still can't believe what she did for me and my family. She got me in touch with the proper medical professionals that helped me through all my issues. She was always there for me when I had a question or concern and always was so upbeat and positive which rubbed off on me and was a huge part of me getting through all this. I highly recommend to everyone to consider Kari Ramos for your legal needs. You will not be disappointed I guarantee that."

Luis R.

"Me and my wife were in a car accident in late 2020. One minute, life was up and the next, spiraling down hill. The accident left us in so much pain, not only physically but also emotionally. Medical care was a nightmare, and that's when we realized we needed help. We reached out to a law firm that was not new to the accident injury scene. And that's when our lives changed around for the better. Kari Ramos took our case and lifted such a burden off of us. She was beyond our savior. Her knowledge of practice was top-notch. She did all the heavy lifting and kept me and my wife in the loop the entire time. Not only fighting for us, our case, and at this point, our sanity, she also became what I'd like to think of as the most valuable asset in any case. Smart, courteous, caring, thoughtful, and a force to be reckoned with! She got me and my wife back on our feet with a lovely settlement. For anyone out there going through the madness of fighting the uncertainty of a personal injury, please contact Kari Ramos. I promise you, it'll be the greatest decision you've ever made." 

Kelsey A.

"I feel as though I cannot properly thank Kari enough. I never knew I even needed a lawyer until I called to ask questions because a District Attorney confused me. She immediately started asking for details and assured me that with her on my side, we could get through anything. She started on my case and became one of the main sources of support and a sense of safety for me during that time. From day one she was clear with her intentions, answering all the little and big questions I had. I didn’t have to put in any work. Kari and her team took over everything and allowed me to heal, mentally and physically, from the incident. The countless hours, unconditional support, and hard work did not go unnoticed. Kari, you are not only an incredible lawyer, but an even better human being. Thank you for everything you have done. I feel like I can finally move on and have the life I deserve because of you and that is more than I could have ever asked for.

Kari - I mean every word. You are such a bright light in my lifeđź©·."

Joan G.

"There is so much I want to say about Kari Ramos. The strong integrity Kari demonstrated allowed me to trust her. Kari proved she not only has my best interest at heart, but also possesses the skills, knowledge and ability to win. With Kari I won my case and began to restore my life. I’m forever grateful."

Carrie G.

"Kari Ramos is an exceptional Attorney. From start to finish she handled my family's case with great care and attentiveness. Kari knows her craft and goes well above and beyond for her clients. Kari will have your back. Hands down the best Attorney out there!"

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